Red herrings ‘catch of the day’

Low down on the river bank at Ruswarp there is a pump control room, this control room operates the submersible pumps that provides Whitby with its drinking water.

I would be surprised if Yorkshire Water or DEFRA would look on the Harbour Board’s plans with any enthusiasm.

The flow in the river is restricted by pontoons and moored vessels as it is, the more pontoons and moored vessels the greater the restriction and certainly a weir or lock would not help.

When heavy rains coincide with high incoming tides and wind off the sea the Esk may well flood and Whitby stands to lose its water supply by a disabled control room. This loss is not like an electrical power cut, the loss of pump control would be a serious disaster.

Contrary to Harbour Board statements there is very little support for recreational boating activities in Whitby however there is support for the traditional, job creating, tourist attracting fishing industry.

I know this because I spend lots of time talking to both indigenous and settling Whitby residents. The decline in Whitby’s fishing industry is a direct result of Scarborough Borough Council’s disingenuous activities such as making the landing of fish not worth the fisherman’s while.

Peterhead in Scotland (a population of about 18,000) hosts around 60 fishing vessels three of which are Whitby boats.

Fish do not have any preferences as to where there are caught or landed. However red herrings seem to be the catch of the day but which is the red herring windmills or pontoons?

Tom Brown, Boulby Bank Top, Whitby by email