Raithwaite is jewel in Whitby’s crown

It was with concern that I read on Saturday a letter in the Gazette objecting to the plans by the owners of the newly opened Raithwaite Hall Hotel to build holiday cottages within the estate’s grounds.

Since Raithwaite Hall opened at the end of last year it has, by all accounts, gone from strength to strength and in doing so become the jewel in Whitby’s crown, and something every one who lives and works in Whitby should be proud of.

At a time when unemployment is at a record high those businesses that invest and create jobs should be congratulated not castigated, and the new cottages will create more jobs on top of those created through the main hotel.

We should also not forget that the proposed holiday cottages will increase support for the wider local economy by using local suppliers and boost the wider local economy by encouraging people to come and enjoy the many tourism attractions in Whitby, ensuring Whitby has the unique and memorable accommodation many visitors ask for.

Finally I would like to remind readers that as a whole the Raithwaite Estate covers around 80 acres and these new cottages will be built outside the National Park boundary, meaning they will have limited impact on the woodland. As for any visual impact it is clear that once completed the cottages will not be visible as they will be nestled within the grounds.

Once again we should support those that invest, create jobs, and support and boost Whitby’s important leisure economy.

Mark Coleman, Whitby by email