Raising money for St Mary’s

A friend of mine passed your paper to me and I read with interest your article of Friday 1 February regarding the £90,000 landslip bill.

This has also been featured on the national television news and in the papers.

I have been coming to Whitby nearly every year for the past 25 years and love the area.

How about your Gazette spearheading a campaign for donations to the church for this cost?

I am sure if every visitor to this lovely part of the country, and local residents, donated 50p or £1 the money could soon be raised quite easily and quickly.

Any excess of the £90,000 can then be earmarked for works at St John’s and St Hilda’s, mentioned in the article, which have had to be put on hold for the moment.

May I also suggest the following.

A permanent stand manned by volunteers outside the information office collection donations.

Local businesses contributing an amount (however small).

A large amount from Sainsbury’s which would create some goodwill, considering they are affecting businesses in the town.

If I lived in Whitby I would certainly be willing to help by collecting money and manning a stand but as this is not possible I have made by own contribution direct to St Mary’s.

Sandra Taylor, George Street, Berkhamsted, Herts