Proud of the NHS

I would like to thank Dr Muir and all the staff of the coronary care unit of James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough who treated and looked after me following my heart attack on Sunday 11 September.

I also wish to convey my gratitude to the paramedics whose ambulance transported me safely and quickly to the hospital.

From the outset and throughout during my stay, the courtesy and dignity I was shown in the unit was exemplary.

I know this helped me through a terrifying ordeal and I was able to maintain a positive attitude due to the kindness expressed by all.

Knowing that the staff perform to this standard on a daily basis makes me and other patients appreciate the hard work and commitment that has gone into their training and the achievement of their skills.

People in Whitby sometimes feel isolated regarding hospital services. In my case however, the emergency could not have been dealt with better - from the out-of-hours GP service to all the people involved after the initial phone call was made.

The NHS deserves to be proud.

John Robertson, Sandgate, Whitby.