Proposed cuts - route Whitby to Scarborough

After reading your article entitled ‘End of the road for Bus Services’ in the Gazette dated 18 February, may I gave the views of a family who have been visiting Whitby at least twice a year since the mid 1980s

Even in those days when the service was run by another operator the service was far from good and at peak holiday times after getting off the train in Scarborough we would have to join the queue for the Whitby service some 30 minutes before it was due in order to guarantee a seat.

During the journey we began to feel guilty that local people en route found it difficult to find a seat or in some cases couldn’t get on at all, especially at Robin Hood’s Bay. If visiting Scarborough or Robin Hoods’ Bay we soon learnt never to leave our return journey until the last bus in order to make sure of getting back.

I understand that there has been an independent survey conducted and Arriva have received glowing reports of satisfaction. All we can say is that in our experience over the past few years the service has if anything deteriorated. We have experienced buses breaking down, not turning up on time and the closure of their depot at Loftus means in the case of a break down the relief bus has further to come. Consequently we now, and have for the past 15 years, made our entire journey by train via Middlesbrough.

Holiday makers like ourselves who rely on public transport find it very difficult to explore some of the most delightful out-lying villages. One of the greatest improvements in recent years has been the introduction of the Coastliner service, which we understand may also be under threat.

In conclusion we only come on holiday, but these proposed cuts on an already totally inadequate service must be an absolute disaster for the local people.

On behalf of my family and all those who would like to write to register their views but feel that it would be a waste of time!

We will continue to visit Whitby in spite of these cuts.

Geoff Smal, Petre Crescent, Rishton, Lancashire by email