Problem with cars parking on pavements

I had occasion to write to the Gazette some weeks ago regarding the difficulty I sometimes have trying to steer clear of the copious piles of dog muck on the pavements.

What I didn’t say in that letter, was the added problems I have due to cars parking on the pavements.

I have to use a mobility scooter ( henceforth known as ‘my buggy’ ) due to my restricted mobility. I always try to be as polite and courteous as I can when I need to get past anyone, instead of pressing the button on my buggy that sounds my approach, I always say “excuse me please”.

I sometimes have to drive on the road rather than the pavement, but my buggy has a road tax disc so, I am allowed to do so, if I cant use the pavement.

When I am going into town from Helredale Gardens, I often get as far as the house named Seaview and encounter at least one car parked on the pavement somewhere between Seaview and the traffic lights and if I am unable to find out where the driver/s are I have to take the decision to go onto the road.

I think we all know how busy Helredale Road is. It is a bit scary, to say the least.

Once I get down Spital Bridge onto Church Street, things are fine, but, my journey back is like a Slalom course.

Coming back home, from Bridge Street, on the left hand side of the road, things are fine until I get just past the fishing tackle shop and there my troubles begin again.

Can anyone tell me please, when did the pavements down that side of Church Street, become a car park?

Today (Friday July 26) there were three cars in a row, fully on the pavement, one car was displaying a blue disc.

Then I get past those and a bit further down, near Eskside Cottages, another two cars fully parked on the pavement.

All is clear until I get just past the motor bike repair garage, and there it is even worse, cars and vans until I get to what used to be Moss Tyres and all is clear once again. Clear that is, until I once again cross over the traffic lights on Helredale Road to be on the right side for me to get home again, and yes, you get it, there is yet again a car parked on the pavement.

I don’t want to come across as a moaning old biddy, but I wonder how anyone with a baby in a pram or pushchair feels having to negotiate the obstacles of dog muck and cars parking anywhere they like?

I know there are a lot of ‘buggy’ users like myself, and no doubt I will be reading letters about this, but I’ve said it before and will say it once more, I have to use my buggy or the only place in town I’d get to, would be the Co-op in a taxi and back home because I cant walk more than a few steps and I like to go on Baxtergate and up Flowergate etc whenever the weather allows. In this beautiful weather we are having I also like to go and sit near the band stand down the pier. So is it too much to ask that car owners park anywhere except on the pavements?

I’m sure the traffic wardens would make Scarborough Borough Council a fortune if they could follow my route.

So please, be more considerate when parking your vehicle, unless of course, I have made a huge mistake and these pavements have actually been registered as a car park,in which case, I apologise profusely and I will travel on the main road and get a load of abuse off irate drivers.

Carolyn Witt

Helredale Gardens, Whitby