‘Preposterous’ proposal

When a friend emailed us with details of the proposed changes to the traffic flow at the top of Waterstead Lane, I rushed to the calendar - but no - it was not 1 April.

What ‘genius’ came up with this plan which would mean that residents in our area would find it incredibly difficult to go anywhere by car except Scarborough?

Being forced to turn left only would make it a ridiculously convoluted journey to get to Mayfield Road and hence to York or Middlesbrough.

One would have to cross the new bridge, turn left down into Church Street, go along the harbour side, fight through the traffic near the Co-op, join the traffic creeping up Bagdale and then having negotiated the junction at the bottom, go up Prospect Hill and turn right at the junction to Mayfield Road.

Alternatively people would be tempted to make a U-turn either from the lay-by near the bridge or in the school gateway, a course of action which no sensible person would condone, but frustration would cause.

Coming back home, one would have to go down Prospect Hill, increasing the traffic into the centre of Whitby and then manoeuvre through narrow, congested little streets of Fishburn Park which cannot take any more traffic without serious problems.

People taking children to school at Airy Hill would presumably have to come along Windsor Terrace and up in the tiny, narrow hill that is Bog Hall and then have the problem of getting back home unless they live in the Scarborough direction.

Most traffic plans or suggestions seem to be trying to lessen the volume of vehicles going into the centre of Whitby, but this addled scheme would increase it, in my opinion.

How very sensible of the highways department to ask a very small number of people for their opinions on the scheme and to make sure that parents at the schools involved would be on holiday and unable to comment.

As residents of the area, we were amazed to find out about the plans from friends and not from the highways office.

This seemed underhand and not in the spirit of transparency which we have come to expect in 2012.

Many people would think that a roundabout would be on answer to the traffic needs which they seem to be addressing, but presumably it would be too expensive and the cheaper option would be to make people living down Waterstead Lane have their lives and journeys thrown into turmoil.

I’m sure other people will mention delivery vans, mini-buses, taxis and all the other vehicles which come from the Mayfield Road direction on a regular basis and would find this proposal preposterous.

As a resident of the area, I urge the officials to think again and find a different solution to their perceived problem.

Mrs AC Darling, Esk Terrace, Whitby