Praise for players’s production

LOOK out, the bears are behind you!’ Fred, Imah and Teddy, played respectively by Louise Roberts, Clare Avery and Charley Ben gave tremendous performances in Beggars Bridge Players own version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears written by Dianne Whisker with live music provided by Chris Padmore.

The story unfolds in the flower shop managed by the wonderful Mrs Ida Whatnot played brilliantly by John Nelson and her able assistant Rose, Margaret Hutchinson. Goldilocks, Ida’s daughter, played by Emily Wilkinson gave a great performance entertaining the audience with her adventures in the woods where she takes a short cut and gets lost.

Here she meets live trees, Bev Shepherd and Anthea Marsay, three young bears, Alice Kemp, Becky Hewison and Alex Lloyd, their teacher Dan Featherstone, a wonderful wizard played by Vicky Hardy and a worried, dizzy fairy, Jane Wilkinson and that’s all before reaching the three bears cottage!

Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear delighted the audience with their version of the popular Morcambe & Wise’s ‘Stripper’, brilliantly done.

No pantomime is complete without a ‘baddie’ and this one is no exception.

Swapping a dress for a pair of trousers this year Ian Mortimer took on the role of the unscrupulous Lord Blackthorn out to steal Professor Plumkit’s formula, he had the audience booing and hissing at every appearance.

His unsuspecting partner in crime Lord Pickles gardener, Sam Kemp gave everyone a treat on Saturday when Daisy a real ferret took to the stage. Alan Palmer as Professor Plumkit had the audience laughing at his antics.

Sue Mount as Goldilocks friend Tom Pepper got the audience going, encouraging them to join in whenever the opportunity arose.

Up at the Hall Lord Pickles, expertly played by Chris Marsay is joined by his son Rupert, a great performance from Jacqui Mortimer.

There were splendid performances by Karen Ritson and Chris Proctor as the Ladies Petunia and Tulip, Chris also entertained the audience as Maid Milly with Dan Featherson as butler Cedric.

A real treat was the flapper dance, performed by Alice, Becky, Alex, Emily and Charley, choreographed by Sue Mount, all adding to the special mix only a pantomime can bring.

The cast looked tremendous in their costumes put together by Sam, Sue, Mick and Diane Perrin, along with members of the cast, who also assisted Bev and Anthea with props.

Special mention must go to prompt Siobhan, who we couldn’t do without, to make up artists, front of house, back stage boys & girl and many more. Most importantly to the audiences who support us every year, many thanks.

Dianne Whisker