Potash project will provide much needed jobs

Now winter is now upon us we will see how the town quietens down and the streets become deserted.

The tourists won’t be here in great numbers and many locals will be down the job centre as the seasonal jobs have finished till spring arrives.

But there is potential in the area to regenerate the town’s economy with the new Potash project which has the potential for many years of well paid jobs that will bring much needed money into the town.

Many locals want the jobs and the boost the mine will bring but there will be dissenters.

Many of the people who will be against it will moan, saying the environment will be effected and the countryside will be permanently damaged.

We cannot afford to live on views and the dissenters will no doubt be outsiders.

These dissenters will no doubt have nice jobs and plenty of money to visit the area but don’t live here all year round having to struggle on low wages or looking for non-existent work.

It was interesting to see a programme on BBC Four regarding the Gold mine project in Tyndrum, Loch Lomond this week.

Everybody bar one person in the village wanted the Gold Mine but it was people from outside the community who were against it. The Gold Mine like the Potash Mine here has the potential to regenerate the dying community.

In Scotland it was the National Park that was against the Gold Mine and it will be the National Park here who will be against it.

Whitby is a dying community with locals forced to leave because of the lack of jobs and financial security. Walk up Henrietta Street and see how many houses are homes, not many, the majority are holiday cottages.

We can still have tourism and its benefits but we must have the Potash Mine to make our community viable all year round.

In Tyndrum the community won and the planning was finally granted for the mine giving the community hope for the future.

Lets hope we get the mine here and the benefits it will bring.

Ian Dixon, Fishburn Road, Whitby by email