Potash mine in national park?

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Concerning the siting of a potash mine in the National Park.

Is it not the case that a national park is designated as such because it is a place of great natural beauty and of environmental importance? This designation, supposedly, guarantees protection by the state.

Could someone in the council planning department please tell me when this ceased to apply here?

One wonders that, if potash were discovered in the heart of the Lake District such a development would be countenanced for one second. Everyone would be up in arms and rightly so.

In 1818 John Keats wrote that “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Perhaps he should have qualified it by adding “or until someone can exploit it for profit”.

The value of our landscape should not be measured in monetary terms, it is simply priceless. I would strongly urge the council and our MP to lift their eyes from the bottom line - the view above it is so much more rewarding.

Joan Martin, High Hawsker