Potash Mine

Keith Sleightholme and I are engineers and members of Whitby Rotary and are both doing our best for the area.

I do think his comments, in Friday’s Whitby Gazette, are somewhat misguided and may be driven by the psychological conditioning that the government is subjecting the peoples of this part of North Yorkshire to.

Where is the big agenda and care for the community in all this.

It is the slaughter of the innocents and a complete disregard of our wishes and society.

There are a number of similar projects in the world caused by the closing of facilities in Poland and Russia and environmental/tourist concerns in Israeli regarding Dead Sea operations.

In Saskatchewan a similar community to ours is putting up a spirited fight to prevent its environment being destroyed by a similar development.

It is amazing how such developments are prompted by offers of jobs.

How likely is it that the unemployed of Scarborough are suitable for operating robots in a deep mine of 2,000 metres.

It is much more likely that experienced miners will be re-employed from the shutdown Potash mines in Poland and Russia.

I predict there will be no permanent employment.

There will be a lot of contract labour.

The largest potash mine in the world only employs 300 people.

During the construction phase where will the workers camp/caravan site be? Scarborough will probably get the brothel.

By the way, no one gives a fig about potash it is only majored to give a green agenda it cannot be economically mined here, and may be the reason why these companies have been given Government money, your money, what they are after is Poyhalite.

To extract this will require ore crushing plants, slag heaps, lots of water, settlement tanks and unbelievable pollution.

There appears to be a move to open up the potash mine near Newton House in Littlebeck and build a rail depot at Ruswarp.

A better plan would be to open the mine on the Mulgrave estate and build a new road and rail system to Middlesbrough.

Doing this would ensure the blight on property prices is minimised.

Write to your MP and ask how he can justify government money being given to Israel Chemicals Ltd (it’s in their accounts) and York Potash Ltd.

It’s a scandal when you consider the state of Whitby Hospital and its piers. Perhaps it’s another example of overseas aid, I can tell you it’s millions.

I see from Scarborough Council minutes they have managed to get promises for all the goodies for Scarborough: Whitby is due to get property blight, land subsidence, property damage, forced road and rail infrastructure, depleted and polluted local water supplies and contaminated groundwater and farmland plus lots of slag heaps.

Peter Franks, Bank Close, Sleights