Poor turnout for mine meeting

I was at the extra-ordinary meeting last week of the town council for the proposed potash mine and couldn’t believe the poor turnout by the public.

The prposed mine project is one of the biggest things to happen in the area for decades, both for jobs and possibly the environment.

Over the last two decades Whitby has lost many of its large employers such as Europower, Burberrys, the Co-op Dairy etc, to be replaced by low paid seervice sector jobs, many part time.

If the mine gets the go ahead it could bring back job prospects for people in the town, training and job secuirty, the opportunity to earn real wages again.

I have seen over the years how the pubs in the town have lost trade from locals as there’s no decent paid jobs anymore. If the mine gets the go-ahead, surely it will bring an economic boost to the town.

As for the environmental impact, I personally feel it won’t be as bad as expected with prposed design of the pit head buildings being low level and the ore being transferred by underground pipework.

I would hope though that Sirius will guarantee that they will employ a good perecentage of locals and not just bring in people from other areas.

If we get the mine I hope it benefits locals and not just ends up employing a handful of locals while the cream of the jobs go to imported labour.

Ian Dixon, Fishburn Road, Whitby