Police farce

Now that the Government has spent some £80-£100 million on the Police and Crime Commissioner farce, perhaps it might be interesting to point out what the Government have neglected to tell us in the public domain.

We are told that this new commissioner will replace the old Independent Police Authority which would reduce costs as this quango would no longer exist.

Well, not quite. It may be true that the IPA quango will disappear, however a new phoenix will arise from the ashes in the form of the Police and Crime Panel, (PCP). This new structure is formed under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.

Details can be found by entering Police and Crime Panel on Google. You may observe that nowhere else was this information provided, you have to search for it.

In reality it is yet another quango overseeing the PCC, (who will be paid between £65,000 and £100,000 no doubt plus generous expenses),

The Police and Crime Panel leader will be chosen from either an elected mayor or councillor, not the general public.

The panel will comprise a Leader and ten lay members, but can co-opt up to 20 members. It does not explain in detail how these panellists are to be chose - the Old Boy Net or whatever?

The PCP also has the power to suspend the PCC if has good reason so to do.

Selection of leaders and panellist members seems to be a bit of a mystery as is the funding, however £900pa expenses for panel members is mentioned so no doubt the usual suspects will be hovering in the wings.

£80 to £100,000,000 blown on this gimmick - and they want to shut down Scarborough A&E and the children’s department at the Friarage - no money for that is there?

John Richards, The Green, Romanby, Northallerton