Police commissioner apathy

On 15 November we are being half-heartedly told how important it is that we vote to elect a Police Commissioner.

However, the Whitby Gazette appears to be joining the rest of us in showing complete apathy on the issue.

I have not been able to find a single mention on the subject.

Surely,if as we are urged to believe, this is such an important issue the Gazette should not only be covering it but also publishing details and in depth profiles of the candidates.

In the current difficult financial situation we can always rely on the public sector to come up with a new scheme to waste public money.

I understand that the successful candidate will be paid around £80,000 per annum but this figure can be at least doubled once the usual packages of expenses and perks are added.

Is there anyone out there that actually thinks that electing a Police Commissioner will make a scrap of difference?

I understand that there are two candidates for the post, one Conservative and one Labour.

I suppose it was expecting too much to think that the successful candidate would be non-political.

Come on Whitby Gazette - show some interest.

John Emerson by email