Police authority funding in question

By chance I obtained a copy of the Whitby Gazette (Friday 13 April) and in the section, Looking Back, the name Jane M Kenyon took my eye.

Perhaps it is the same lady I have taken to task at the North Yorkshire Police Authority meetings?

If she is indeed the same lady then I would assume you and the people of Whitby will have been kept up to date on policing matters, matters that perhaps the whole of North Yorkshire are in the dark.

So to enlighten.

Since 2007 we have lost some 280-300 police officers with the prospect of a further 100 by 2015. From then on a substandard police force.

From 2002 the precept has gone up by 260% and a band D property 250%.

The North Yorkshire Police Authority have some £52-£60m invested and with savings from officer cutbacks, about £39m the authority has been very generous with its funding which has increased from £500,000 up to £1.2m.

There are other savings in question and for what reason is open to question, but since the NYPA is loathe to answer, you must come to your own conclusions.

I enclose some information to justify my statements.

Mr P Richardson, York Road, Haxby, York