Please acknowledge job applications

Drop Folder Whitby. Pic Kevin Allen.'Whitby Job Centre..'Exterior pic.'w090220c
Drop Folder Whitby. Pic Kevin Allen.'Whitby Job Centre..'Exterior pic.'w090220c

We moved to Robin Hood’s Bay in April this year, and to be honest we were pleasantly surprised with how we have been welcomed by the locals - bearing in mind that until you have been here 20 years or so, you are a foreigner and until you have three generations in the church yard, you are still a visitor.

In order for us to make a life for ourselves here, I need to find work. This is obviously as difficult here as it is elsewhere in the UK given the economic situation. What I find difficult to swallow is the attitude of a lot of prospective employers.

Agreed they probably have a lot of applications for each job advertised, however I have taken the time to produce my CV and an application letter and gone to the cost of posting or the trouble of delivering it to them. Or I have collected an application form and again have filled it in and posted or taken it back. Or at the very least phoned the number on the advert.

Cheap enough you may say, but I am on benefits and I am applying for 15 plus jobs per week. The least they could do is acknowledge my application. I’m sure I’m not the only one to think so.

There have been times when I have had an interview only to be told that, yes, they enjoyed speaking to me but I am over qualified or I deserve something better.

If I even thought I was above waiting on tables, cleaning floors, toilets or acting as an odd job man then I would not have applied for the position in the first place.

All I want to do is earn a living rather than live off benefits. And I don’t care what I have to do or how many part time jobs I have to do in order to fulfil that aim.

So please, if you are an employer in the Whitby area who is advertising for staff. Consider myself and others who are in the jobs market and at least acknowledge our applications. Also please believe us when we say we want the job we have applied for. We are not just applying to satisfy the conditions of the DWP. We want to work!

David Winter, The Esplanade, Robin Hood’s Bay