Plaudit to Coastline Service

I have a visitor coming from London to stay in Sleights and she had made arrangements to travel via train to York and then to take the Coastliner 840.

However, I spotted that there was little more than 10 minutes to move from train to bus and that the bus was the last service to Whitby.

Trains (or buses) are not always to time and a Plan B using the 843 to Scarborough and the 93 to Whitby has been put in place, though missing the last 95 to Sleights.

I wondered whether there was any coordination of train and bus at York and rang Coastliner.

Not surprisingly there is no official dallying of the bus in case of train lateness but the Coastliner controller (a very human being) said that if the train is running just two or three minutes late then it would be worth my visitor calling him from the train because sometimes (no promises!) the bus can be contacted to wait briefly.

This sounds very much like British common-sense and I applaud Coastliner for this potential customer service. Hopefully, however, the train will be on time!

Graham Storer, Iburndale Lane, Sleights