Planning application “not dressed up”

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I refer to your article published on 7 June entitled “new housing plans for the Helredale playing fields”.

The planning application you refer to was submitted by Yorkshire Coast Homes over four months ago, on 28 January 2011. Far from dressing anything up to avoid attracting attention, this is simply part of the routine process we have to go through for any development proposal. The timing of the processing of the planning application is not under Yorkshire Coast Homes’ control.

There are two separate issues involved in this potential development site. Firstly there is the judicial review which is currently in process. It is my understanding that this will establish whether or not the land in question is to be defined as having ‘village green status’. If the land is awarded this status then the development will not take place.

The second issue is the planning permission which Yorkshire Coast Homes will need to achieve to deliver a development on the site. Even if planning permission is granted we will not proceed with any development until the judicial review is completed.

As a registered charity charged with meeting the housing needs of the local community, Yorkshire Coast Homes recognises the real need for affordable housing in the Whitby area and has allocated substantial resources to address this. Yorkshire Coast Homes in conjunction with Scarborough Borough Council undertook a consultation process with tenants and residents in the area on this issue and are keen to work with people to deliver the right scheme. All new developments will understandably raise some concerns for people living in the surrounding areas, though, I believe our track record in sensitively delivering other developments should ease those concerns.

Shaun Tymon, Chief Executive, Yorkshire Coast Homes, Scarborough