Piers closure brings suffering to town

Should we be surprised that the Co-op is making staff cuts?

The economy of this town is based on visitors coming into Whitby. Whitby is a destination town, not somewhere that you pass through on a journey.

Our shop is receiving at least five telephone calls a day from people enquiring if the pier is open, before making plans to go elsewhere.

These are people who won’t be using the town’s cafés, restaurants and B&Bs. They won’t be buying a newspaper, breakfasts, coffee, a beer or putting some petrol in their cars whilst visiting the town.

How many other of Whitby’s businesses will have to cut back on staff?

How many of Whitby’s businesses will close down this winter.

Will these visitors ever come back or will they have found somewhere else to go?

Every day that the pier is closed, the economy of this town is being rocked and local businesses are suffering. Some may not survive. If Scarborough Borough Council continues to neglect the things that make this town an attraction for visitors, our economy will fall into a downward spiral. It will affect everyone who lives and works in Whitby, not just those who use the pier. Our amenities will close, our friends and families could lose their jobs and our children will have to move out of Whitby to find employment.

We all need to be doing something to make Scarborough Borough Council urgently provide maintenance in our town and get our economy moving in the right direction again. We can’t just leave it to a few people to make a protest. We all need to get involved to try and save our town before it is too late. Every council taxpayer should be writing directly to the council and asking for some fairness for Whitby and its population.

J Greaves, Sleights by email