Pier closure spoilt holiday

I first visited Whitby only recently in 2007 but love the place and return twice a year, mainly for the fishing.

So imagine my disappointment when on my second day of my week long fishing holiday I learned the pier was closed for repair.

I was actually fishing on the pier when it was closed.

I’m not local so don’t know all the best locations to fish in and around Whitby so the pier was an easy option, but without it, I’ve felt a little lost, and you could say this has spoilt my holiday a bit.

I work for Network Rail in an inspection team and we patrol lengths of track looking for faults so I understand the safety of the public is the councils main priority but as the problem to the pier properly didn’t happen over night, you have to ask why has the council let it get to this stage?

In my job we look at the underside of road bridges that span the rail tracks for cracks etc and report anything we don’t like the look of, but we certainly wouldn’t wait until the bridge fell down or was closed for road traffic.

I have talked with other fisherman, locals and tourists about the issue and there are a lot of unhappy people, mainly saying that Whitby is overlooked by Scarborough Council, some claim the pier will never re-open and one local man even said to me “That Scarborough Council would take the river from Whitby if it could.”

Paul Gittins, Bank Street, Golorne, Cheshire