People with no manners

When I go into one of Whitby’s stores on Baxtergate ‘trading’ under the name of “Yorkshire” I do not expect to be addressed as “Fella”.

I asked the short dark haired sturdy female assistant if she usually addressed her customers as “Fella”.

“Fella” or “Flower” she replied.

I said I do not mind being addressed as “Flower” but I object to being called “Fella”.

I received no apology.

I might have almost lost my abundance of naturally black hair - please note - natural.

Wrinkles and features have now either grown larger or smaller as I approach seventy years of age. This is quite hard enough to accept.

Without such rudeness from these people who need to be taught some manners, ‘etiquette’.

That’s if they have heard of the word!

Caroline Jelaffke, Rose and Crown Yard, Whitby