Pedestrian safety

There are two road junctions in Whitby town centre where drivers frequently flout ‘no right turn’ restrictions - from the swing bridge to St Ann’s Staith and from Station square (eastbound) into Windsor Terrace.

Local residents know that, as pedestrians at each of these crossings, they need ‘eyes in the backs of their heads’ - but visitors cannot be so aware. We have both seen and been involved in ‘near misses’ at these junctions and feel that it is only a matter of time before some serious accident is caused by a drive failing to obey the ‘no right turn’ signs.

Not all offenders are strangers to the area - local drivers have often been observed to take the easy but dangerous short-cut by turning right.

Whilst improved signage (we have made some suggestions) might help and enforcement action by the responsible authorities (which seems nonexistent at present) could help to some degree, more considerate driving by all of us is the only effective long-term safeguard of pedestrian safety.

Jean and Parry Thornton, Church Street, Whitby