Parking attendants targeting workmen

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I am writing to say this morning there were two vans parked at the bottom of Horse Road.

I know one had the name Stone on and the other was just white, they were electrical.

Engineers, it was obvious they had come to do a job.

At 9.15am on a Monday morning the parking attendant man put a parking ticket on both their vans.

Why I am writing I really think this is not right.

Here in Whitby there should be automatic allowances for workers to park up. Church Street is always fully booked up, especially at this time on Monday mornings. There should be no question of fines for working men.

The parking attendant seems to come here if he is coming at this time, especially to catch the working men, but not at other times much, how harsh this seems to me.

There are cans and vans parked up all day and night on Church Street but they are not given tickets.

Just think how richer the council could be if they did, so why aim at the good workers?

Jean Thornton, Church Street, Whitby