Park and ride not walk?

Why not park and walk, the centre of Whitby is only 15 minutes walk from open fields.

Newholm park and ride?

Is the parking not for Whitby and Sandsend? Why is there no consideration for a common (free) car park which would also be close to the beach, after all that’s the only reason a lot of people come to the area for. This would also place the car park near an existing bus route. And the walk to town would be a lot more interesting.

Parking issue, with empty car parks?

For a good more than half of the year there is no parking issue. Ok you may occasionally have to look a little and maybe walk five minutes. But this will still be the case if the proposed scheme comes in. You only have to look at the existing pay and parks that are near empty (less than 25%) for nine months of the year. (Abbey, Leisure Centre, Silver St, Hilda’s St Terrace, Cliff St).

Schemes true colours.

Now we have seen the full extent of this over complicated scheme, charging households and businesses to park on the open road, to fund a parking scheme which may only be needed for a few short busy periods, let’s have a true democratic vote and ask the people of Whitby if they want this parking scheme putting in place.


Use the money to extend existing car parks and place new car parks closer to town, for example between Whitby and Sandsend. Provide clear signs to these areas for visitors.

Lets not spoil Whitby with all this bureaucracy.

Terry Swalwell

Routh Walk, Whitby