Owning a dog requires effort

I’m surprised to hear there’s an active dog-warden in the area, but more power to them; much as I love dogs, they are becoming a blooming nuisance.

Some owners refuse to take responsibility, which gives all owners, and dogs, a bad name - the paths down to the beach on West Cliff are filled with dog excrement, it’s gross.

I see many owners walking ahead, pretending not to realise what their pet is doing behind, just so the lazy owner doesn’t have to clean it up.

Even letting their dog foul the beach when there are children nearby playing in the sand.

Owning a dog is a joy and privilege, but requires a little effort from the owner too.

Yes, you have to pick up steaming poop, and if you do, don’t just fling it over the nearest cliff/wall, and no you shouldn’t to let your dog run around wildly knocking people over; you should have control over it.

If that’s all too much like hard work it’s very simple, DON’T get a dog.

Allison Minnert, Upgang Lane, Whitby