Outstanding performance

Me and My Girl - the best of Whitby in a performance which was outstanding.

Hugely entertaining with many moments of brilliance, it captured a mood, a style and held audiences throughout the week in a unique pleasure.

Wonderful lead from the main characters, brilliant cameos from supporting cast and exuberance of an orchestra formed for this show.

Ensemble playing supported successful debuts for so many young people and newcomers to the musical theatre.

“Hard work, a lot of hard work” is echoed, but that makes it even more wonderful that there is so much ability waiting to be tapped and given the motivation to reach the heights.

In these days of accolades to talent in a craving of a celebrity cult, it is refreshing to see a performance - director Katrina Stead and management and company of an amateur theatre group prepared to give the time and energy to such aspirations.

A big tribute to Barbara Benson who I see in every production fully involved and supportive, professional and entertaining.

Over the many years she has beavered away consistently throughout her work, establishing a tradition of quality and success.

Barbara richly deserves tributes and also grateful thanks from so many of us in ths town.

Success breeds success.

The brilliant success of Me and My Girl certainly has established a challenge and set a quality mark for Whitby productions at the Spa Pavilion.

Wynne Jones, Well Close Terrace, Whitby