On England’s Green and Turbined Land

I see Graham Stuart feels the MOD should put us all at increased risk whilst allowing our Yorkshire’s most precious economic asset – its landscape - to be destroyed.

Why do small businesses planning turbine development need subsidies when his own Environment Minister is saying they should stand on their own two feet and how much damage is being done to our treasured landscapes?

How many thousands of tourism jobs are going to be destroyed in Yorkshire at a time when we have just been voted ‘Best Tourism Destination In Britain’. Just when David Hockney and ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ is making that success worldwide, making people marvel at the very landscapes that is being threatened with industrialisation.

Has Mr Stuart got a vested interest in them? And why should he be speaking out on encouraging turbine proliferation, at a time when the MOD have stated this is causing them problems and that they are alarmed at the reality of turbine infested hills not only desecrating our Yorkshire landscape but also putting our national security at risk? And why only for a chosen few and those with financial interests resulting in that Yorkshire landscape desecration?

These are not just a couple of small turbines Mr Stuart – you are talking about hundreds in the pipeline and even more with your attempted intervention. Monstrosities that are described by all those with hands in the till, as “small” turbines, which in reality are now being submitted as farm turbines up to 86 metres tall - that’s 280 feet high to most people.

Is this like your version of Jerusalem “On England’s Green and Turbined Land “?

Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire by email

Member of EU Parliamentary Environment Committee