Olympic interest

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A few weeks ago, South East Water wanted to take 33 billion litres of water a year from us in the North East to make up for the 35 billion litres it loses each year through leakages.

That equates to 95 million litres per day; Thames Water delivers upwards of 900 million litres per day and still manages to lose about 675 million litres per day. I think that the togetherness of their act needs a little more getting.

Perhaps the council would consider letting London and the South East have some of our water? If they would then let the people of Whitby decide who carries the Olympic Flame through our town and which route they take.

May I suggest that the Mayor considers using his civic position to request, under the Freedom of Information Act answers to the following questions:

1 Did a firm of consultants decide the route for the Olympic Flame and if so, which one?

2 How many firms of consultants in total will have been involved in the preparation and running of the Olympic games?

3 What will be the final total cost of these consultants?

4 How many of these firms have a partner or director who sits on the Olympic committee, or is married to or otherwise related to someone who is?

5 Which members of the Olympic committee have a personal financial interest in the games? (In other words, how much will they make even if the Games makes a loss)

6 What is the current forecast profit or, more likely, loss of the Games? (The latter is what Sebastian, Lord Coe calls the legacy.)

7 Which elements or constituent parts of the organisation of the Games was not put out to tender and why not?

Bearing in mind that because taxpayers are paying most of the cost of the event and will pick up the tab for any losses, the above information should be readily available. Notwithstanding that, no one should expect either a rapid or clear reply, but the mayor is less easily ignored than Joe Public.

When or if Cllr Freeman has the answers, would he please make them public via these pages? If then he decides not to spectate as a group of strangers runs through our town bearing the symbol of a huge amount of money wasted on ceremonies that would be better spent on encouraging people pursue to their chosen sport rather than fill the wallets of a few who seek to capitalise on the integrity of the athletes, he need not feel alone. He can come to my house and we can rant about it together.

John Nock, Charlton Avenue, Whitby by email