Off-road vandals

Why do some owner/drivers of 4x4 vehicles believe they have the right to use the countryside as their playground?

At Egton last weekend (Saturday 6 October) late at night vehicles drove down a bridleway designated for horses, with kissing gates across its path, frightening elderly residents as they revved passed nearby houses.

Field gates were left open allowing cattle open access to restricted pasture and a public road.

Tools were also removed.

These hooligans then decided that they could leave the designated bridleway and drive their vehicle around private farmland, frightening the cattle and churning up pasture, before finally leaving the premises via a private access gate.

Why do some people believe they have the right to drive anywhere they please on private land showing no respect for others or the working life of the countryside?

Is it not time that something was done to protect the hard-working, law abiding citizens and private land-owners from these vandals?

Mary Halliwell by email