Nothing compares with Whitby

How sad that it has taken me almost 79 years to visit Whitby and Scarborough recently discovered to be the home of my forefathers.

And how wonderful on going to the art museums to find George Chambers 1803-1840 my great great grandfather’s marvellous marine paintings exhibited alongside other prolific wonderful artists of the area’s works.

I loved Whitby, Scarborough and indeed Yorkshire, the warmth of the people I met, the breathtaking beauty of the area. Were I 15 years younger I would up sticks and come to live in your beautiful countryside.

I was impressed with the wonderful architecture, it was like entering another world..

Sadly I know none of my remaining relations from Whitby, if any exist, and this includes the Scarth family, another branch my half sister recently discovered.

I paint, as does my daughter, I also play in my ripe old age with a jazz band so am still active.

I have lived and worked in under-developed countries for over 30 years I have seen wonderful sights, and none can compare with the rugged softness and beauty of Whitby and the surrounding areas.

Thank you to those kind people who guided us during our visit and helped us find car parks, we were blessed with glorious weather and are now shivering midst what feels like the bleak mid winter snow.

Kate Langdon-Mead by email