North Yorkshire Strategic Housing Partnership Survey

Reading with interest and amusement the letter and survey from North Yorkshire Strategic Housing Partnership, several thoughts and questions come to mind, in no specific order.

1. Quite what relevance does the religion of a respondent have to their housing need. I can just imagine that proximity to a church of a specific denomination/mosque/synagogue/temple might have a preferential relevance but this question was not asked and in any case there is an important difference between want and need.

2. What relevance has the sexual orientation of a respondent to their housing need.

3. Is the agency proposing to give serious consideration to the creation of safe areas/ghettos on the basis of sexual orientation/religion/ethnicity if they interpret responses as indicating demand/desire. I can imagine few things more patronising or potentially dangerous.

4. What on earth is the justification for requesting details of income/savings/value of houses/debt levels from individual respondents? Since it is stated that the partnership will only receive ‘generalised figures’ these will be no more informative than the vague picture of say 40 houses in a given area valued at more than £300k. Such a snapshot could be quickly and possibly more cheaply obtained from the register of council tax.

5. In any case, given my own limited enquiries it would be amusing at least to discover how many of these surveys have been consigned to the recycle bin/the level of response to each specific question. I shall be asking vision twentyone and NYCC/SBC/NYSHP about the second without much hope of an answer; but perhaps readers could give some indication of the first. I would really like to know.

6. After all in this time of limited resources it would be nice to know what response the expenditure of our money has achieved even if we will probably never find out the cost of this exercise in staff/resources and expenses for going to meetings.

Should we applaud our elected representatives and paid employees for carrying out this project?

CJ Cawood, Ainthorpe Lane, Danby