No spaces cause chaos for buses

During the early part of this year the facility for parking coaches at Whitby on the marina site was phased out with the space being repainted for car parking only and this left the only convenient spot for coaches to park on the west cliff.

This allows space for only about 12 coaches. In addition at busy periods and that included today, Saturday June 1, not a bank holiday you will note, these spaces were filled up in no time at all and two coaches had to park backed up to the rubbish skips in addition to at least another four having to give up getting parked altogether.

Last bank holiday weekend was even worse with a number of cars being illegally parked making access for the coaches almost impossible and even more coaches desperately parked where they could.

I asked a traffic warden on the west cliff who was busy issuing parking tickets what was Whitby playing at to allow so insufficient parking spaces for the coaches. His answer was that there are another dozen or so spaces on the abbey plain which I accept but these coaches have to use Langbourne Road for drop offs and pick ups only and passengers who want to return early to these coaches have no choice but to stand around until they return as the climb for many to the abbey plain is far too strenuous.

No doubt the powers that be will say that things will improve when the park and ride gets going, but that is next year so what happens when the season really gets underway this year.