No - not again!

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On Friday 30 December my wife and I, after shopping in town, decided to catch the 91 Castle Park bus service from the bus station leaving at 12.25pm.

We watched the earlier 91 service arrive from Castle Park at 12.15pm approximately which, as usual, then changes to the 95 service to Sleights.

The now 95 bus then left for Sleights at around 12.20pm.

We then expected the earlier 95 bus from Sleights to arrive then change to the 91 bus for people to catch for Castle Park. No bus arrived, not the first time this has happened.

Other people arrived to catch the 91 service to Castle Park as well.

Then a bus appeared from the Bagdale direction which we all thought would be the Sleights bus running late, which happens very often.

However on the destination panel on the front were the words: Not in Service. This bus then stopped at our stand, we expected it would then change to the 91 bus? The destination panel then changed to 91, Hooray! We were all about to board , when we were told that it was leaving as the 95 to Sleights!

Our bus would not be leaving until the other 95 which had just departed, returned from Sleights.

We walked home very annoyed at yet another cancellation of the 91 service.

One lady waiting for it was hoping to go home in her hour break from work.

When are we ever going to get a proper service on the 91?

God knows what any visitors to Whitby must think of this terrible service?

P Easton, Spring Vale, Whitby