No job for amateurs

Considerations surrounding planning are still causing stress in the community and in the end the project is likely to be railroaded through by the Government.

In these circumstances the mine should be established where it does little damage to the town and the community. The site presently chosen is by any stretch of the imagination unsuitable. I am told it has been chosen to give gravity flow to the pipeline. If this is true a better place would be at the top of Limber Hill with the pipeline routed along the old railway track starting at Sandsend. Planning permission should not be given to unproven technology.

There appears to be little risk analysis done and no talk of bonded contingency funds to cover costs to the community, subsidence and technological failures. The mine should be situated in close proximity to a major road and rail transport infrastructure. If at all it should be constructed by a company with a proven track record in the technology used. It is not a job for amateurs.