No British firms for census

Copy of a letter sent to Prime Minister David Cameron and MP Robert Goodwill

As the unemployed figures soar to 2,500 million, particularly in youth employment, as we are directed to work longer, many for less pension, I was astonished and bemused that the census form plumped through our letter boxes, that the government has not given the job of conducting this survey not to a British firm, but to one of the biggest American arms firms, Lockheed Martin.

They have been paid £150 million for the work. So much for concerns about British jobs and British workers.

Lockheed Martin manufactures Trident missiles and F1 jets and is heavily involved in making spy apparatus for the USA and export to other countries. Their profits come from wars in whatever countries they can persuade to buy their products. Further, Lockheed Martin is subject to the Patriot Act which gives the US government access to any data in the company’s possession.

I have nothing to hide from US organisations, but to me this is the most inappropriate company to entrust with any task our government needs or wants to carry out.

I would be grateful for your explanation or any comments you may wish to make regarding my concerns.

Anne-Marie Henderson, Aislaby Road, Aislaby