NHS Patients First

I agree with Elaine McGuiness’ comments reference the good work the midwives do for their Patients in Whitby.

That was never disputed and what they were trained for.

Unfortunately Ms McGuiness seems to have missed the point. I do not have a problem with the medical staff. I am talking about ‘hospital’ services.

I was trying to show how the facilities at our hospital have deteriorated over the years. It must be over four years now since the maternity ward was available 24/7 and open overnight.

Our ‘services’ at Whitby Hospital keep being whittled away. We shall land up with a shell unless we all fight to keep it.

In 2005 we had: six midwifery-led beds 24/7. How many babies were born in hospital then? (how many now in 2011); six stroke beds consultant-led; 15 day hospital care of the elderly places; care of the elderly, consultant-led; 47 clinics a week; MIU 24/7.

What have we now?

Pat Cusson by email