New toilets would not be safe for children

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I READ with shock and horror in last week’s Gazette about Scarborough Council’s proposed sale of the public loos at Runswick Bay bank bottom.

Where do they think the thousands of people who visit Runswick every year are going to go to the toilet.

Surely a seaside village can’t survive without such a basic facility.

Rumours abound in the village that a resident proposing to buy the loos and extend his cottage on the site.

In doing so he has offered to build new loos in the car park, which isn’t big enough for cars never mind loos.

At present a mother can watch her children go to the loo from the beach.

It will not be safe for children to go on their own to the car park as they will have to cross the very steep road where cars and boats are travelling up and down, often precariously.

These negotiations have all been going on without consultations with the very people who are most concerned.

Please can we have some proper discussion and maybe give the village a chance to buy the loos and keep children safe.

Nichola Shedden, Runswick Bay, by email