New potash mine assures good future for local families

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Why is it when something with a prospect of employment and possible prosperity comes to the Whitby area there is always someone or some obscure group loudly making all sorts of negative comments, decrying any project, without actually looking at the bigger picture?

I have spent all my working life travelling to jobs abroad etc just to make a decent living that is largely denied to young men with families in this area.

Thus a new potash mine may well be the answer to a great deal of younger local people looking for employment that pays a decent living wage.

It’s too easy to object to proposals like a new potash mine when either the protester is retired or does not require an earned income.

Some like the chair of the Moors Association have a personal agenda and would likely scream ‘no’ to any progressive prospect.

Boulby mine, in spite of all its detractors, has provided good stable employment for a lot of local people for a good number of years and should be looked at with a positive view for the new proposed mine.

The benefits for extended work on construction and operation can assure a future for a good number local families and should be the prime consideration when planning etc is granted.

Michael Readman (retired), by email