New mine should be located nearer to Whitby

I used to camp at Littlebeck back in the 1960s and also went to Fyling Hall school.

The Sirius mine would be too near to the big peaceful attractions of Littlebeck and Maybeck.

Years ago when the idea of a second potash mine - this time south of Whitby - was first mentioned the idea was that it could use the trackbed of the old Whitby Scarborough line and the Larpool viaduct and then the gradient down to Whitby lower level to move the potash.

It would be surely much better if any new mine was located a bit nearer to Whitby and adjacent to this line which could be reactivated. Who knows it might even be impossible to restore the Whitby coast line to Boulby where the other potash mine is rail connected.

Rail might cost Sirius more but is surely a better system than pipes for the area.

Hundreds of long term jobs would be a godsend to the area but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Let them move the location to a less spoiling site.

John Simpson, Barrow in Furness by email