New dawn for fishing fleet?

I left school to work as a full-time fisherman but now have to work ashore full time and fish only part time as the job does not pay a living wage.

I would like some answers regarding the ‘bright future in shell fishing in Whitby’.

1 Why has the shellfish facility not worked? Three and a half years ago Alliance Fish reported an increase in shellfish landings so we could apply for a grant to build a shellfish holding facility. They were told that the shellfish firms operating in the Whitby area had in fact seen a big decline in the landing of shellfish. This facility would not be viable even if every fisherman landed their catch there.

2 So, why has the facility not worked? Why are we seeing boats crewed with foreign people instead of local people if the industry is rosy?

3 Why do Whitby shellfish boats (PamelaS) need to whitefish trawl on a night? Is it because there is insufficient catches in the pots?

4 Is there a good demand and prices for more shellfish in Whitby?

5 Would you please explain to me and the other shellfish boats in Whitby how we can survive and cope with normal family life (without benefits) just fishing for a living?

I would be very grateful for some answers.

Mr G Morrison, Eskdale Road, Whitby