Never visiting Whitby again

Yesterday we came to Whitby in our motor home parked up the top near the wish bone and found no parking charges in place.

We were meeting up with my disabled son and brother and his wife we went round Whitby all day, spent over £200 pounds in the local shops, bars, restaurants, also my brother and son spent around the same good day out in all.

Went to bed and woke up this morning to find a parking ticket of £70. I just cant see the sense in stopping parking charges from 1 October to 1 March and then pay traffic wardens to target motor homes at 6.20 in the morning.

That to me is mad.

Now could you ask the residents of Whitby - who do you think will visit Whitby in the future when providing a service like that?

Is the council mad, all you are doing is chasing people who want to put money in to the local economy a way.

Also the warden has put on the ticket 91 vehicle parked in car park area not designated for class of vehicle then on the next part of the ticket vehicle unknown, but nothing on any signs does it list who and what can park in the pavilion car park as the bag over the meter was covered up.

Someone please see sense.

I just wish you people would tell us where we could park in season and out of season before you start beating us up with charges.

Note I will pay this, but will never visit Whitby again. I see this as a loss to your local economy which puts people out of work and I hope you start with the Sunday morning traffic wardens.

Leon Dolan, Thornaby on Tees, by email