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I’m the local editor for the Netmums website in North Yorkshire and would like to urge your readers to take part in our Netmums Real Parenting Save Our Children’s Centre Campaign launched this week.

All around the UK and right here in North Yorkshire, Children’s Centres are under threat of closure or having to drastically reduce services and local families in our community will suffer the consequences of these cuts.

We are offering parents in North Yorkshire the chance to join up with other parents locally and around the whole country via our website at Parents can visit the Save Our Children’s Centres Campaign Online HQ to share tips and advice and we also have an easy to use step by step toolkit for worried North Yorkshire families to take direct action locally. Only us local parents have the power to stop some of these cuts…. If North Yorkshire councillors don’t know we care they will do what seems easiest.

Please help us to spread the word to North Yorkshire families, all they need to do is visit to stand up and be counted.

Jane Massey, Local Editor, by email