National parks must say no

Over the last 76 years it has been my privilege to enjoy the North Yorks Moors and, in particular, the area now designated for potash mining.

I have listened long and hard to the reasons why this development should go ahead, the main reason being monetary, but I fail to understand why the mine entrance should be situated within the national park.

It is anticipated that the life of this operation will be over one hundred plus years and the site entrance presently designated will be useless.

Will the proposed entrance gobble up more of the surrounding area until we have a development the size of Billingham or is the proposed entrance only a first of many such applications over the years.

Oh, if only they would tell us.

I know nothing of mining but is it beyond the bounds of possibility that the mine entrance be situated outside the National Park.

Boulby is without doubt a blot on the landscape - why do we seek another?

Since its formation the National Park Authority has diligently safeguarded our interests; it has zealously guarded its powers and demands, and those residents living within its curtilage have had to conform if somewhat unwillingly at times.

The granting of such consent will be a travesty, a burden, on the people of Whitby and its surrounding area for generations to come.

No matter what decision has already been taken by a higher authority, the National Parks Authority MUST say NO.

Maureen Trafford, Scarborough.