National Park numptys

What a complete draconian and biased view Mr France from the morons at the national park are saying about the potential new mine, but then again they’ve had a study done so it must be right eh?

What an idiotic response saying its going to be a harm on tourism.

The mine is outside of Whitby and a totally biased and unrelated view to compare it to the Endeavour which was smack bang in the centre of Whitby, but then again these are the type of views anyone wanting to do anything in the national park expect from these people.

“People might say there’s two big mines in that area, it’s just not a place I want to visit anymore” he says.

Yet on the previous page in the Gazette there’s an article saying “Whitby returning to ‘ghetto’ era”.

Again, tourism is dying a death on its own back Mr France, just like the park and ride will, and the mines.

Boulby and potentially Dove’s Nest are away from heavily populated areas, so your words carry no sense and weight.

Yes there’s going to be disruption and the revised figures are more believable but this could be potentially the best thing that’s happened in Whitby and for Whitby’s economic climate in a very long time.