Mystery membership of the Whitby Traffic Partnership


‘we did not ignore consultees’ Richard Flinton, Chief Executive, NYCC, Whitby Gazette, 17 June 17th

NYCC might not have ignored the consultees in the matter of the cuts to the mobile library service, but they certainly did in the case of the 2006 parking proposals for the east side of Whitby which were rejected by the inhabitants of this area of Whitby, but were mysteriously resurrected without alteration or amendment, as part of the park and ride scheme.

The parking proposals, the consultation document for which cost over £16,000, was presented to the public, in 2006, and rejected.

This scheme would have made 63 parking spaces available for the use of the entire population of the east side of Whitby, excluding Helredale; a ludicrous idea, which makes one wonder who had dreamed it up, especially as the front cover of the document showed a photograph captioned ‘parking on the Ropery’ which actually depicted part of lower Church Street (see attached copy of this document).

What amazed me was that these proposals which had already been rejected, were suddenly revived as part of the park and ride scheme, and remain part of the park and ride proposals as it seems that no further consultation or discussion is to take place on the proposals.

Further consultation and a chance to present any objections to the proposals were promised, but since the park and ride scheme went ‘on hold’ have not materialised, and seem unlikely to do so.

I have tried to bring this to the attention of the Coast and Moors Area Committee, and my local Councillors, members of SBC, NYCC, and the Town council, who supposedly represent the east side of Whitby, without success.

The Whitby Traffic Partnership, whose membership has always been, and remains secret, and who do not allow members of the public to attend their meetings, and who either do not keep minutes or do not allow them to be seen by anybody but themselves, might have influenced these decisions in favour of the residents of Whitby, if they were truly acting in the public interest but , one can only assume that they represent vested interests in Whitby, although, as the membership is a closely guarded secret, hiding behind the requirements of the Data Protection Act, we can only conjecture on who these vested interests might be, especially as they seem to be able to influence the spending of £2.8 millions of public money.

Does anybody know who the members of the Whitby Traffic Partnership are, perhaps you have a member of your family, or a friend or neighbour, who regularly disappears one night a week, without explanation? I think that we should be told.

Richard Ineson by email