Mr T Silkstone, Railway Station, Glaisdale

I looked with interest at the article regarding wildlife survey.

I just wish the members of the parish councils or whoever is responsible for the cutting of hedgerows in this district would take a deeper interest in nature projects.

This year as usual hedgerows have been mowed before flowers have had time to set seed.

On many of the hedges there were fine displays of Primroses, violets, plus lots of other wild flowers. This year plants have struggled to get going because of the bad weather, the next thing you see the whole lot has been mowed away, in some places the cutting blades have been set so low they have also ploughed the hedges too.

Whilst over 90% of meadows have disappeared in the last 60 years surely we should be helping the wild flowers of Britain to multiply?

It only take a little thought by the responsible people.

I have heard all the excuses that it has to be done because of road safety, but I notice other places in the Yorkshire dales have not mowed the hedges yet, and there is a magnificent proliferation of beautiful wild flowers.

Maybe the hedges have to be mowed, but please wait until the early spring flowers have had time to make seed, at least give them a chance.