Motorhomes welcome in Whitby - if you are not a blot on the landscape

Motorhome parking fracas.Picture Richard Ponter 132924
Motorhome parking fracas.Picture Richard Ponter 132924

I am writing regarding the council’s threat to ban motorhomes, caravans etc from the marina car park.

Apparently some people had complained that it spoils the view.

If common sense prevailed, they would be left alone as it is hardly in the spirit of welcome that caravaners can only go where they are definitively not a blot on the landscape.

While I am not a fan of caravaners, or any visitors for that matter, I accept they are a fact of modern life and if the local authority provides a car park the clue is in the name, “car park” - coaches park in that car park, even lorries and motor-cycles park there, so it would be undemocratic at best to exclude motor-homes etc.

As for the view, I well remember all of that area was a mishmash of coal storage and railway lines with the beautiful sight at low tide of the mud flat known affectionately as “The Belle Isle” or “The Belle”.

So leave these people alone, they are not doing any harm and when the “silly season” is over all will be back to normal (if only).

Mike Readman

Laburnum Grove