Motorhomes spoil Whitby’s views

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Mr Walker states that motorhome owners are merely enjoying the freedom of the road.

Few people would take issue with this point of view, so long as the road led to an authorised campsite.

Motorhomes are road-going ‘white-goods’.

They have the same aesthetic charms as, say a washing machine. They’re alright in their place, and their place is not parked in the most prominent position in town. It’s the equivalent of putting a tumble drier in your lounge. If you could possibly avoid it, you wouldn’t do it.

The West Cliff is Whitby’s lounge, a pleasant place for relaxing with magnificent views of the North Sea, the coast to Sandsend and beyond and the old town. It should not be cluttered with an endless line of Hotpoint Sleeperamas and Zanussi Panorama Freeloader Elites.

Yes, I’m sure that the motorhomes parked in Whitby are road legal and that their owners pay road tax and insurance. None of this directly benefits Whitby.

Yes, Mr Walker, Whitby, like all towns, has areas that have deteriorated through lack of maintenance.

The economy of Whitby is heavily reliant on tourism. The viability of any tourism enterprise depends on one party having something that the other party wants to enjoy in return for a payment.

Unfortunately, there will always be a suspicion that owners of motorhomes, from say Derbyshire pack their vehicles with Bakewell tarts, pyklets, Buxton spring water and other local delicacies and head for Whitby, parking their Indesit Autoquest Kon-Tiki on prime real estate free of charge, picnic on the cliff tops (cliff tops that local people and those staying in hotels cannot see because of the unbroken wall of automotive fridge-freezers), putting nothing into the local economy before finally returning to their homes and jobs in Derby.

Whitby has benefited greatly from its association with a fictional ‘blood-sucker’. However, its patience with the Count might have worn thin if he’d parked his campervan outside the Royal Hotel every weekend in June!

Good for you, Councillors Abbott and Plant.

Robert Whitehead, Lealholmside by email