Motorhome users getting bad name

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May I enter the debate regarding the parking of Motorhomes.

Having stayed on site near Whitby last weekend, I have seen first hand the increase upon previous years of this inconsiderate camping whilst touring round the town and district seeing friends.

There were three vans parked at the summit at Goathland for at least two days. Question, where is the cassette toilet waste disposed? In Whitby one assumes public toilets are used.

There are plenty of sites available but the charges vary. By stopping on the front for a week you can save a minimum of £80. Hence the attraction.

Simple to prevent by charging a premium to park motorvans in selected areas overnight and fines for other areas of highway.

According to the Caravan Club, you are not allowed to occupy parked motorhomes or caravans overnight or ‘wildcamp’ on the roadside or in a lay-by in England.

The only exceptions are illness or unable to travel further. Wild camping is not against the law in Scotland.

The motorvans can be moved on by law.

This practice gives motorhome users a bad name.

GH Hallam, Waddington, Lincolnshire by email