Motorhome user’s viewpoint

In reply to your front page article on 12 October “Motorhome Row”, I feel that I am in a category that has been overlooked.

I sometimes drive my motorhome into Whitby, but would never dream of sleeping in it there.

Why? Because I live a short distance away in Sleights and would prefer to go home. However, it seems that, if I choose to drive into Whitby after 1 January, I must leave before 11pm; even Cinderella was able to attend the ball until midnight!

It is not that I am condoning masses of motorhomes overnighting on the West Cliff.

In my experience, the majority of motorhomers are more considerate than that.

If it is agreed that we should ban sleeping in motorhomes overnight in these areas, then our councillors should be able to find an effective way of doing just that.

I pay road tax and insurance for my motorhome, and I pay council tax to Scarborough.

Please do not attempt to ban me from simply parking in a Whitby car park just because of the vehicle I choose to drive.

John Bailey, Sleights by email